public interface


Class Overview

Hook the initialization of Zygote process(es), from which all the apps are forked.

Implement this interface in your module's main class in order to be notified when Android is starting up. In IXposedHookZygoteInit, you can modify objects and place hooks that should be applied for every app. Only the Android framework/system classes are available at that point in time. Use null as class loader for XposedHelpers.findAndHookMethod(String, ClassLoader, String, Object...) and its variants.

If you want to hook one/multiple specific apps, use IXposedHookLoadPackage instead.


Nested Classes
class IXposedHookZygoteInit.StartupParam Data holder for IXposedHookZygoteInit.initZygote(IXposedHookZygoteInit.StartupParam)
Public Methods
abstract void initZygote(IXposedHookZygoteInit.StartupParam startupParam)
Called very early during startup of Zygote.

Public Methods

public abstract void initZygote (IXposedHookZygoteInit.StartupParam startupParam)

Called very early during startup of Zygote.

startupParam Details about the module itself and the started process.
Throwable everything is caught, but will prevent further initialization of the module.