Contains the main classes of the Xposed framework.


IXposedHookInitPackageResources Get notified when the resources for an app are initialized. 
IXposedHookLoadPackage Get notified when an app ("Android package") is loaded. 
IXposedHookZygoteInit Hook the initialization of Zygote process(es), from which all the apps are forked. 


IXposedHookZygoteInit.StartupParam Data holder for IXposedHookZygoteInit.initZygote(IXposedHookZygoteInit.StartupParam)
SELinuxHelper A helper to work with (or without) SELinux, abstracting much of its big complexity. 
XC_MethodHook Callback class for method hooks. 
XC_MethodHook.MethodHookParam Wraps information about the method call and allows to influence it. 
XC_MethodHook.Unhook An object with which the method/constructor can be unhooked. 
XC_MethodReplacement A special case of XC_MethodHook which completely replaces the original method. 
XposedBridge This class contains most of Xposed's central logic, such as initialization and callbacks used by the native side. 
XposedHelpers Helpers that simplify hooking and calling methods/constructors, getting and settings fields, ... 
XSharedPreferences This class is basically the same as SharedPreferencesImpl from AOSP, but read-only and without listeners support. 


XposedHelpers.ClassNotFoundError Thrown when a class loader is unable to find a class. 
XposedHelpers.InvocationTargetError This class provides a wrapper for an exception thrown by a method invocation.